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Terms of Service

Packages cannot be transferred to another server if you login and use the digital service after it's purchased. Ensure at checkout you are buying the correct package for the correct server.




If you use the package after purchase (join server it was purchased for), and it's operational you cannot request a refund. We will always be reasonable if it's a genuine mistake, or gifted incorrectly to another user.


You must ensure you contact our admin team via #admin_support channel in Discord for approval, and provide any information requested by them. If we approve the refund of the payment, it will be the cost of the package minus the associated transaction fees.




We only allow transfers to another server if the digital service was purchased and not used (reported within 60 minutes) and it's a genuine mistake, you must ensure you contact our admin team via #admin_support channel in Discord and provide any information requested by them.


Skins Payment Gateway:


No refunds are offered when you checkout and select Skins as the payment option, ensure you are happy with what is being traded. After it's accepted by both parties it's final, and cannot be undone.


Discord rank, or in-game features are not a valid reason for a refund, if you have any difficulties with using these please submit a ticket on Discord in the channel #admin_support. It is not our responsibility to hold your hand and read the Terms Of Service to you, by agreeing at checkout, you are agreeing to these Terms Of Service.


Payment Disputes / Chargebacks:


Any type of chargeback / payment dispute without approval via our approved process above will result in being banned on all servers we own / operate.

Any fees or associated costs due to this will need to be reimbursed upon requesting to be unbanned, you will only be given a single chance to prove it was an honest mistake, further chargebacks / dispute will render you permanently banned.

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